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Equi Propre Creme Ear Cleanser

Equi Propre Creme Ear Cleanser

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Equi Propre is a gentle and creamy cleansing milk based on Arnica Montana and sweet almond oil. It allows to delicately clean and decrust the secretions in the auditory canal. It is an important element of grooming, often forgotten.

Clean ears allow to avoid the accumulation of insects in them especially if the horse lives in the meadow. Insect stings in the horse's ears can affect the tranquility and health of the latter and sometimes lead to the impossibility for the rider to touch them, especially when putting on the bridle.

Equi Propre ensures a complete cleaning of the inner wall of the ear. 

Instructions: Shake the bottle then soak a compress of Equi Propre and delicately clean the ears. Then rinse with a damp warm cloth. 

Precautions: Keep away from light.

Composition: Paraben free.
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