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Equi Soin Ointment Care Fork and Sole with Bee Wax

Equi Soin Ointment Care Fork and Sole with Bee Wax

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Equi Soin is a nourishing balm for damaged and weakened hooves. It gives flexibility to the horn, sole and frog and protects them from moisture and cracks. Usable all year round, bee wax has a high content of vitamins A which gives it moisturizing and protective properties: it forms an impermeable film on the hoof wall which protects it from external aggressions (sand, stones...) and prevents it from drying out. This ointment will give a beautiful appearance to your horse's hooves for competitions and presentations.

Instructions: Thoroughly clean the hoof, apply with a brush over the entire hoof twice a week and after a work session and let dry. Use Equi'Répare on the damaged or cracked hooves of your horse. Ask your farrier for advice.

Precautions: Wash your hands after contact. Keep out of reach of children. Protect eyes and mucous membranes.

Composition: Based on vegetable and mineral oil, fish oil, natural bee wax.

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