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Equi Calm Soothing Shampoo

Equi Calm Soothing Shampoo

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Equi Calm is a soothing horse shampoo with organic Cade oil for irritated and weakened skins. It cleans, deodorizes, nourishes the hair and skin, fights dandruff and immediately soothes itching. Cade oil has an anti-inflammatory action. The soothing and anti-infectious properties of the oil present in this shampoo allow it to be used in the treatment of many skin problems such as mange, mycosis, eczema or the presence of dandruff.

Its soft and soothing formula is recommended for the regular washing of animals with sensitive epidermis.

Instructions: Wet the animal with warm water and apply the shampoo by massaging to impregnate the coat, then rinse. Repeat a second time by leaving the shampoo to act for 3 minutes and rinse abundantly. Avoid contact with eyes.

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