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Atlas EL

Atlas EL

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Cat and small dog carrier.

  • To travel with cats and small dogs
  • Safe grip thanks to the ergonomic handle
  • Lateral grills for good ventilation
  • Easy to open top
  • You can customize it with accessories according to your needs
  • Assembly and knockdown in a flash thanks to side locks
  • Available in three sizes
  • Maximum capacity Atlas 10 EL: 5 kg
  • Maximum capacity Atlas 20 EL: 8 kg
  • Maximum capacity Atlas 30 EL: 15 kg
  • Atlas 10 EL net weight: 1,22 Kg
  • Atlas 20 EL net weight: 1,63 Kg
  • Atlas 30 EL net weight: 2,05 Kg

Atlas EL is the most basic version of our pet carriers for cats and small dogs and has multiple functions. Atlas EL is easy to carry with you, thanks to its fixed handle, and is ideal for travelling with your pets on the most common means of transport (car, train, ship, aircraft). This plastic pet carrier for cats and small dogs comes complete with a solid door made of plastic-coated steel. It is very sturdy, thanks to its fastening system with lateral spring clips. It also has lateral ventilation grilles, which ensure sufficient ventilation inside the carrier.

Atlas EL is customizable thanks to the accessories, like a cushion and a plastic feeding trough, which you can buy separately, and it is available in three sizes. The Atlas 10 and 20 EL models are suitable for both dogs and cats. Atlas 30 EL is designed especially for small dogs and large cats.

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