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Enjoy Your Stay Kit For Cats

Enjoy Your Stay Kit For Cats

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Enjoy Your Stay Kit For Cats is a traveling kit containing helpful products during your stay in accommodation facilities.

Description: This kit has a double objective: on one side it meets the immediate needs of our pet in certain circumstances, on the other it raises peoples’ awareness about respect and care of the place where they spend their time during the stay.

  • Perfumed Cleansing Lotion 50 ml - Cleansing lotion for daily cleansing of cat’s hair
  • Bad Smell Neutralizing Spray for Places and Fittings 50 ml – to remove persistent nasty smell from places and fittings
  • Hygienic Absorbing Glove 1 pc.
  • Sanitary Bags pcs. 5
- to facilitate the distribution of the lotion on the pet’s coat
  • Disposable Cat Litter in a cardboard Box 1 pc. (packaged separately)

    Keep out of the reach of children.

    We recommend you complement your packing with the  Sanitizing Protection Beauty Kit For Cat Shows, grooming products and tools, dry cat food, wet cat food pouches, treats, toys, behavioral sprays and diffusers, travel bowls, travel litter box, approved pet carrier, blanket, cat sand, harness and leash.

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