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L'Oscar di Smagatto

Greasy Off Degreasing Mask

Greasy Off Degreasing Mask

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Greasy Off Degreasing Mask with Olive Oil and Aloe is a mask without surfactants specially designed for degreasing cat's hair.

Animals concerned: All breeds of cats and dogs.

Instructions for use: Distribute pure on damp hair and massage thoroughly. Rinse well and wash with shampoo.

Our advice: We recommend this product in a grooming program to be used as a treatment before the first shampoo.

Description: Greasy Off Degreasing Mask eliminates the fat produced by the male sex hormone without altering the structure of the hair or damaging it even after frequent use. It is based on the degreasing power of selected vegetable oils such as European olive oil and rice bran oil. It also contains essences of sage and thyme, natural sanitizers, and aloe extract which acts as a refreshing and calming effect on the skin.

This treatment was specially designed for L'Oscar di Smagatto, after noting that in the environment of feline expo, economic degreasers are often used, which certainly degrease but are very harmful to the fur and skin of the animal. This product exclusively based on the degreasing power of natural oils, is very effective but does not damage, rather it nourishes the cat's hair and skin. You will not be disappointed and your cat will thank you!

Keep out of the reach of children.

L'Oscar di Smagatto is not tested on laboratory animals.



Expiration: 12 months from opening the package.

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