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Litter-lifter Magicscoop

Litter-lifter Magicscoop

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  • Unique litter scoop for easy and fast cleaning!
    • Easier, Faster Cleaning
    • Less Dust
    • No Shake
    • No Clog
    • Fewer Passes
  • Kattspade för klumpbildande kattsand och silikat
  • Medium kattspade
  • Plast
  • 34 x 13 cm

Feeding kibble and cans is quick and easy, while cleaning up used to be a dusty chore that required sifting the entire box of clean litter in order to find and separate waste from clean litter. The Litter-Lifter® facilitates more frequent cleaning which means that your cats can enjoy a cleaner litter box. The Litter- Lifter® is unique because the bowl is constructed out of parallel triangular-shaped tines with no cross members. This advanced design travels the entire length of the litter-box without picking up clean litter. The V-shaped slots trap fragments. Our cat litter scoop with peaked blades makes the difference in catching even the smallest waste with the first pass without scooping up the clean unused litter.

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