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L'Oscar di Smagatto

Olimpo Selective Degreasing Shampoo

Olimpo Selective Degreasing Shampoo

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Olimpo Selective Degreasing Shampoo with Green Tea Leaf Extract and Blueberry is a professional concentrated shampoo, based on the technology of modern emulsifiers and surfactants with high degreasing power, which allow a dynamic and selective cleansing.

Animals concerned: All breeds of dogs and cats with an excess of permanent sebum or temporary seborrhea. All lengths, all textures with a greasy tendency, all colors. Cats example: Persians - Maine coon - Norwegian Forest cats.

Instructions for use: Dilute in water according to your needs up to a ratio of 1:9 and apply on the damp coat. Massage the product taking care to distribute it over the entire length of the hair, from the root. Lather gently and leave to work for two to five minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Our advice: Apply this shampoo pure on the fatter areas, or use it as a cure on subjects who tend to have seborrhea permanently. We recommend using this shampoo first as part of a grooming program.

Description: Olimpo Selective Degreasing Shampoo removes stubborn dirt and sanitizes skin and hair at the same time and in a targeted manner. With green tea and blueberry extract, rich in polyphenols and pineapple extract for an exfoliating action.

Formulated with antioxidants and proteins to invigorate and restructure and clove essential oil to sanitize. Its functional properties rebalance and soothe the skin, repair and moisturize the hair, protect from sunlight and eliminate bad odors.



Keep out of the reach of children.

L'Oscar di Smagatto is not tested on laboratory animals.

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