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Eye Envy

On the Spot Healing & Itch Relief Spray

On the Spot Healing & Itch Relief Spray

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For hot spot healing, itching relief and healthier skin, we've got your pet's back. Eye Envy® On the Spot Healing and Itch Relief Spray will help eliminate itchy and painful hot spots on dogs and cats. On the Spot provides instant relief for itchy, irritated skin and common skin conditions such as dermatitis. This all-natural spray for hotspots on dogs and cats makes life better for both of you.


Natural Hot Spot Itch Relief for Dogs & Cats

Comfrey extract acts as an anti-inflammatory and promotes new skin cell growth while jojoba oil moisturizes the skin and prevents irritations. On the Spot will also help prevent chewing, licking and scratching, which in turn prevents hot spot hair loss and encourages healing on spots that have persisted. Made with nine natural ingredients and essential oils, this hot spot healing spray is safe and non-toxic because it does not contain alcohol, steroids, antibiotics or colorants. Our all-natural topical cat and dog hot spot treatment is PH balanced and cruelty free. Safe for dogs and cats, it's the natural way to begin healing itching, irritation and inflammation.

Did you know?

Anything that irritates the skin and causes a dog or cat to scratch or lick him or herself can start a hot spot. Hot spots can be caused by allergic reactions, insect, mite or flea bites, poor grooming, underlying ear or skin infections and constant licking and chewing prompted by stress or boredom.

How to Use

  • Shake well before each use.
  • May be reapplied multiple times per day.
  • Do not use directly on eyes. For external use only.
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