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L'Oscar di Smagatto

Tricorn Regenerating Sanitizer Revive

Tricorn Regenerating Sanitizer Revive

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Tricorn Regenerating Sanitizer Revive improves textures and revives the natural colors of the coat; sanitizes and regenerates. Its action provides maximum hydration and restructuring to the hair and skin. Effectively protects against the damage of incorrect aggressive treatments and environmental pollution.

Animals concerned: All breeds, textures and colors.

Instructions for use: Apply to dirty, dry hair, pure or diluted, depending on the result you want to achieve. As a sanitizer: distribute the pure product evenly, up to the skin, massage thoroughly and leave on for at least 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with the next steps. As a reviving and restructuring beauty mask: dilute one part of the product with two parts of water. Carefully apply the mixture all over the fur, rubbing. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and continue the treatment with the products from the range.

Our advice: We recommend in a grooming program to use for preparing the fur for cuts, for untangling and biointegrating worn or damaged coats.

Description: Innovative pre-bath mask, highly concentrated, suitable for sanitizing, revitalizing and softening any type of coat. The texture is that of a fluid crystalline hydro-gel; the composition, with aloe vera and bamboo extract, has a marked nourishing activity which also improves the hygienic conditions of the skin, making it healthy and elastic. Thanks to its effectiveness and versatility, the product has proven to be valid in all the ways in which it has been used, so each technician will have the opportunity to perfect their personal method, depending on their needs. 



Expiration: 12 months from opening the package.

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