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L'Oscar di Smagatto

Unicorn Fluid Self-Rinsing Lotion

Unicorn Fluid Self-Rinsing Lotion

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Unicorn Fluid Self-Rinsing Lotion with Green Tea and Tropical Fruits is a no-rinse professional cleansing lotion with powerful antioxidant, photoprotective and sebum regulator properties.

Animals concerned: All breeds of dogs and cats.

Instructions for use: Spray the product on the dry coat and rub thoroughly and evenly with the help of a cloth. Dry and comb.

Our advice: We recommend this lotion for the elderly, for non-bathing animals and for females who have given birth.

Description: Unicorn Fluid Self-Rinsing Lotion is enriched with active substances for an optimal washing of the coat and a deep sanitation of the skin. With antimicrobial properties, which inhibit the growth of microbes; with panthenol, vitamin E, mango and passion fruit. This dry cleansing bath sanitizes the skin and moisturizes, conditions and gives shine to the coat. With a special optical brightener that inhibits yellow. Gently scents.

Keep out of the reach of children.

L'Oscar di Smagatto is not tested on laboratory animals.



Expiration: 12 months from opening the package.

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