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White Hair Cream G

White Hair Cream G

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White Hair Cream G is particularly recommended for white coats, maintaining the condition of the hair's keratin while exalting the whiteness of the coat.

Animals concerned: All breeds of dogs and cats.

Instructions for use: Generally Conditioning Creams have to be left on the hair for a few minutes in order to have hair and skin absorb the nourishing substances (the longer you leave it on the coat, the more substances will be absorbed; usually 5-7 minutes are enough); rinse and go on to drying.

Our advice: It is recommended for all the breeds requiring a voluminous coat because of its nature as well as beauty reasons, such as Persian, Himalayan, Maine Coon, etc.

Description: White Hair Cream G is particularly recommended for white coats; it does not contain oxidant agents which destroy the hair's keratin and exalts the whiteness of the coat while taking care of it.

The White Hair Cream G  accomplishes multiple actions:

  • excellent detangler: makes the coat easy to comb, reduces significantly the formation of new knots;
  • nourishes the coat and protects it against polluting agents;
  • prepares the hair to drying;
  • enhances the candor of white coats and exalts their splendor and beauty.

    Caution: Avoid contact with eyes; in case of contact, rinse with plenty of water. Prevent animals to lick themselves during the bath.

    Keep out of the reach of children.

    Composition: Cationic surfactants (<5%), Amphoteric surfactants (<5%), White Più (optical brighteners), Perfume.

    Ingredients: Wheat protein.


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