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Anju Beauté

Anju Beauté Ögonrengöring, Eye Care Lotion

Anju Beauté Ögonrengöring, Eye Care Lotion

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The Anju Beauté Eye lotion gently cleans your animal's eyes. The plant extract active ingredients have a gentle action that is safe for your animal's eyes. The use of softening flower extracts with a balancing action will leave a pleasant rose scent. This product formulated with natural ingredients, contains organically farmed plants.

PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENT: Keep out of reach of children. Shake before use.

Composition: 30% or more: water, less than 5%: organic hydrolate of Damask rose*, organic hydrolate of cornflower*, organic hydrolate of sage*, organic hydrolate of chamomille*, salt, stabilizers.

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