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Travel Cat Litter Box Foldable SturdiBox

Travel Cat Litter Box Foldable SturdiBox

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Waterproof and built to last, the SturdiBox™ is ideal for hundreds of tasks — both on the road and at home. Built out of high-quality, durable materials, the SturdiBox™ is perfect for litter, home or garden organization, food/water containers and many other uses! Keep several in the car for food or activity boxes. Folds flat and snaps closed for packing! Small enough to fit in any backpack and most purses, there are 101 USES AND COUNTING...

Dimensions: 1 Gallon capacity 11 1/2" L x  8" W x 4" D inches || 30 W x 21 L x 10 D cm

Dimensions: 2 Gallon capacity 15 3/4" L x  11 1/2" W x 4" D inches || 40 L x 30 W x 10 D cm

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