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Klippmaskin Wahl Vetiva Mini, laddbar

Klippmaskin Wahl Vetiva Mini, laddbar

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Wahl Vetiva Mini™

The Vetiva Mini is an ultra lightweight, premium trimmer made to tackle the toughest grooming, surgery prep/IV prep, and wound care situations. Designed for veterinary clinic use, the Vetiva Mini is quiet, the blades are simple to change, and the seamless housing is easy to sanitize. Because we realize that veterinary trimming jobs require care and detail, the trimmer battery lasts for two full hours and can be used corded or cordless.

The Vetiva Mini is also equipped with speed control that increases blade speed to overcome blade jams and stalling when trimming in difficult situations. The Vetiva Mini blade is corrosion resistant and designed to hold up to the toughest jobs in your veterinary practice. The blade is simple to put on and take off and comes with an easy clean feature that helps with hair removal and sanitation. The precision shape of the Vetiva Mini blade is perfect for hard-to-reach spots and cuts at a surgical #45 cut length.

  • One hand blade changes
  • Corrosion resistant blade
  • Easy clean blade feature allows simple hair and debris removal
  • Hassle free trimmer sanitation
  • 2 hour run time
  • Use it corded or cordless


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