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Liten 2-i-1 Borste, 2-in-1 Brush S

Liten 2-i-1 Borste, 2-in-1 Brush S

Ordinarie pris 215 kr inkl. moms
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris 215 kr inkl. moms
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2-in-1 brush to remove undercoat while gently stimulating the pet's skin.

Animals concerned: All breeds of dogs and cats.

Instructions for use: Brush in the direction of the hair, regularly removing dead hair from the brush.

Our advice: For long-haired dogs or cats, brush in strands to remove the dead undercoat and small dead skin, while gently stimulating the skin.

Description: This brush can gently and effectively penetrate the hair without harming the skin of pets with long or medium coats. This 2-in-1 brush combines boar bristles and nylon bristles to balance grease and achieve a lightening effect on the coat. It massages pleasantly and promotes blood circulation.

Composition: Oak wood, boar bristles, nylon bristles

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