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L'Oscar di Smagatto

Monte Bianco Whitening Shampoo

Monte Bianco Whitening Shampoo

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Monte Bianco Whitening Shampoo with Vitamin C and Bearberry Exttract whitens and brightens all white coats.

Animals concerned: All breeds of dogs and cats with white or multicolored coat mostly white. All lengths, all textures.

Instructions for use: Dilute the shampoo in water in a ratio of 1:9 and apply on the damp coat. Massage the product taking care to distribute it over the entire length of the hair, from the root and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Our advice: We recommend to apply this pure shampoo on the areas exposed to yellowing and to let it sit before rinsing. We recommend using this shampoo alone, or as a second step in a grooming program.

Description: Monte Bianco Whitening Shampoo is a concentrated shampoo with whitening and polishing effect, excellent for light coats but also to eliminate yellow and intensify colors from black, tawny / red and gray / blue coats.

Created for regular use, it cleans thoroughly but does not deplete the coat of its natural oils, being enriched with trace elements and mineral salts that nourish the hair and skin during bathing.

With bearberry extracts to revive colors, fruit hydroxy acids and vitamin C to intensify the lightening action. In case of particularly resistant yellow on some areas, use pure and leave on for a few minutes.

Keep out of the reach of children.

L'Oscar di Smagatto is not tested on laboratory animals.



Expiration: 12 months from opening the package.

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